Handmade. Measures approximately 20 inches long 16 inches wide outside dimensions. Inside is about 9 x 12. It is made from reclaimed lumber and has been stained.Use as a bulletin board, picture holder, earring holder, the uses are endless.
This 4 x 12 bottomless pen allows chickens or rabbits to feed on pasture while being protected from predators. The frame is made from PVC pipe, and is wrapped in 12 vinyl coated hardware cloth. The top opens to allow access to feeders, waterers, and the animals themselves. It is light enough for 1 person to move, and will easily fit in the bed of a full-size pickup. The price I am selling this ...
Used chicken gear, all used but with a little work still functional. 2 yellow chicken carries, 2 nest boxes a 4 holer and an 8 holer, various watering containers, water heater, egg washer, 2 sections of electro-net fencing no charger. This is a great deal if you are starting out with laying hens or looking to expand your flock.
Two Heavy duty 10x16 coops, Walk in and collect your eggs, both have windows you can open and close, perches and latches to close to keep your hens safe at night. $500 each, Built on 4x6 skids for moving.
We have 4 Araucanian baby chicks and 4 Araucanianbardrock chicks mixed for sale, these are the chickens that lay the Easter eggs 5 a piece and you must take all 8, this is non negotiable . call or text with any questions. thank you
Have 5 pure bred Bielefelder Roosters for sale...12 weeks old. If you never heard of them, they are a rare German breed, best known to have a docile nature. Males have barred feathers and grow easily to 10 lbs. Great breed for meat and eggs, hardy through winter and tolerant of high heat in summer. They have all the characteristics you want for a back yard coop- extremely gentle, not flighty, l...
I have 1 chick feeder holds 7lbs of feed2.50 1 chick feeder that hold 1qt of feed1.00 2 5qt poultry drinkers2.50 each1 1qt drinker 1.00Extra bottom to the 5 qt drinkers1.005qt Over the fence feeder for livestock 2.50
New Chicken Coop windows that measures 18 wide by 23 high. The window is like a awning window with exterior handle to open and shut from the outside. There are two catches when the window is shut. No Need to go in the coop to open or shut windows. Can let windows open during rain, the window are design keeps rain out when open. The inside has a mesh across to keep animals in and others out. whi...
Im selling young red ranger chickens. These chicken were raised on field and on non gmo food. Theyre all healthy Birds. boys are between 9 and 10 pounds girls are between 7 and 8 pounds. $25 a piece for the boys $22 apiece for the girls. If intrested please call rob at Thank you
We have several breeds for sale.All young and most close to laying.LeghornsLavender Orpington Silver lacedPrice varies by age
A lot of ducks and around 6 chickens they all need to go so make an offer on one or all
Broiler feeder, Produced by Chore Time, item 34390 feeder and 34455 chain hanging kitI got these part numbers from their sales agent. These are not in their current catalog. I have 10 of these. Only 3 were tested and we decided that we could not use these in our production system.7 are brand new, 6 assembled and 4 as kits. Price is $50 each, if you want them all, make a realistic offer.The red ...
Silkies of all ages available. Young chicks, juveniles and adult hens and roosters. Starting at $3 each for 6 or more young chicks. Juveniles no longer needing heat $5 each for 6 or more. Adult hens $25 each, Adult Roosters $8 each.Phone or email, no text.
Small chicken coop for up to 4 birds. Used but still has life in it. Comes with plug in water can for winter and assorted feedwater containers.
I have 2 extra gold penciled Hamburg roosters available, $5 each. These are prolific layers of smallish white eggs, and they fare very well in cold weather. They do better as free range birds.I am willing to sell them with pullets. I have gold penciled, blue, and gold spangled pullets. Message me for pricing on pairs and trios.