It looks pretty cool and plays pretty well too. I am not a piano player at all but a women I know who plays beautifully says it plays pretty well.
These came out of our old bus. Not in good shape but thought maybe someone might know a child or children who dont have much who would like them and know how to smooth them out and doctor up a bit. Please only someone in need. Only take the ones you want.
Lots of leftover vinyl siding. Full length pieces, trim pieces, lots of J-channel. Mostly cream, pale yellow. Enough to side a small shed or a chicken coop.
I rescued two cats a couple of months ago and have been trying to find them homes. I took them in bc they were going to be killed and my heart just couldnt bare it. I absolutely can not keep these cats nor do I have the money for the soca to take them. One female long hair grey tiger and one black and white Male short haired. Neither fixed. They are both about a year and a half old. They have b...
I am giving away a christmas tree topper. Not sure if the light still works for the angel but the rest of the product is still in good condition.If interested please text me to set up a place and time to pick it up. YOU MUST COME GET IT I WILL NOT DELIVER IT
I am giving away a biking helmet. The top of it is rarely scratched so it hasnt seen much use. The straps themselves are in disarray and will need to be fixed.If interested please text me to set up a place and time to pick it up. YOU MUST COME GET IT I WILL NOT DELIVER IT
FREE concrete cylinders 4x8 or 6x12 for anyone who can haul them away. You may pick up at any time. Should you have any questions, please feel free to call x105 or text .
I have a fiberglass truck cap for a midsize pickup with a 6 bed. It needs some TLC. The clear coat is peeling but all the windows are good. First person to contact me and show up can have it. It was about 2 short for my Nissan Frontier so I put a piece of flashing on the front but it can be easily removed. I think it was made for a ford or Chevy. Width wise it fit fine. Like I said first come f...
This door weighs about 100 pounds and would make a solid worktable top. The hole from the doorknob could be used to run the wires for the electronics. Size is 32X 80, slight damage on one side. The angle from which I took the picture makes it look warped, it definitely is not. Pick up only.